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About Belvoir Design

Belvoir Design is a small Marketing Agency specialising in website design and marketing for start-ups, sole traders and other small & local businesses. I can help you refine your branding, provide content and enhance your website's organic SEO. I can redesign your logo and design & provide attention-grabbing adverts for your business. My websites are modern, easy-to-navigate and fit-for-purpose so we can help you drive your business forward, without the eye-watering costs of other agencies.

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Hi, I'm Faye, thanks for being here!

Melton Mowbray became my home during the first lockdown in April 2020. Two daughters later, we're now raising our children in the town. So it's more important than ever for us that Melton and surroundings are thriving!

Having set up another small business myself 5 years ago ( I am all too aware of how important a well designed, fit-for-purpose, modern website is for strengthening legitimacy and trust for a business... and also how cost prohibitive it can be for small businesses to attain. This is why I am passionate about helping small and local business owners do their thing without a terrifying price tag that can take ages to recover from.

​There is no other way of saying: I work tirelessly for my clients. I take advantage of the latest software advances to be able to deliver quickly and with high value in an area where emerging efficiencies so often mean more profit for suppliers and/or less real-human contact. With an eye for design and meticulous attention to detail, I also want to provide a great, human experience. As well as a website and brand that my clients (and their customers) will absolutely love.

This being said, if we are not the right fit for what you're looking for - I'll say so. And happily recommend you to an agency that can help!

Belvoir Design offers local Website Design & Marketing in Rutland

 Our Mission

Our mission is to help you establish a strong online presence, by optimising your website, branding & marketing to drive your business forward. 

We are motivated by a genuine desire to support small & local business at affordable prices.

About Belvoir

Belvoir Design was founded in Melton, Leicestershire, where the village of Belvoir is found. 'Belvoir' fittingly means 'beautiful view' in French. We exist to provide a beautiful view of the future for your business, with simple, cost-effective and high-impact marketing & design. 

As you know, BELVOIR is actually pronounced 'BEAVER'...

Logos, Website builds and marketign services in the heart of Leicestershire | Belvoir Design
'Belvoir' is actually pronounced Beaver | Belvoir website design

. . . About Beavers

1. Beavers (animal); transform their local environment by creating new structures

2. Beavers (social group); work as a team to help other people, in their local communities and beyond

We are passionate about working with local businesses & small businesses nationwide. We offer affordable websites and marketing solutions for sole traders and start-ups whether you are targeting customers in the local area, or further afield.


Marketing doesn't have to be expensive to make a real difference for the success of your business. Being part of building your brand is what motivates us. If you're happy, we're happy! 😃 

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